Ford Cargo 1838T E5

Ford-Cargo-1838T-E5-1 Ford-Cargo-1838T-E5-2

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Replaced DAF Gallery
Truck and interior model by selokaptan
Tested ets2 versiyon1.21.3 and higher

Author: truck and interior model by selo kaptan


12 thoughts on “Ford Cargo 1838T E5

  1. AlexCrazy

    no need this sh!t :)))) it full of bugs and make bugs to other trucks

  2. Movie about how bad this truck is..

  3. Fragmania Game
  4. defiantly a ford with how broke it is xD

  5. Fuc k your mod which did you do you f ucking brainless ######. Stop making these f ucking ###### mods selokaptan

    1. Ahmet Özkul

      Screwyou you brainles garbage . If you don’t like it dont download this and shut up. We are Türkish bro. Dont say anythink about Selokaptan If you say again I cut of your d**k

      1. adamsın kardeşim 😀 hahahahah güzel cevap

      2. adamsın kardeşim 😀 hahahahah güzel cevap asdfasfsa

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