The Backup Lights + Reflective Signs


Mod adds a duplicate set of lights on the other side of the road, make the marks reflective and replaces the entire flare pack!
For fashion requires DLC East and DLC North. Without them, the mod may not work.

Authors: SCS, Schumi


5 thoughts on “The Backup Lights + Reflective Signs

  1. Prezes000pl

    Hello great mod Signs for poorly lit , can be done to make them brighter ?

  2. moisesgallardofernanaadez


  3. Doesn’t work for me the mod crashes my game (Steam ETS 2 1.22.x 64 both DLC Going East & Scandinavia)

    1. AshtheBarron

      Crashes Game v1.22.xx!!! Needs fixing!!!

  4. Przemek82W

    Great mod! Is it also adds a glowing reflectors on guardrails and posts?

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