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– ETS2 1.31.x
– Available at DAF
– Multiple chassis options
– Multiple engine options
– Multiple skin options
– Working without bugs

Souza SG, Lucas Morais and iCouto


12 thoughts on “FORD CARGO 4532

  1. Love mods

    mode not working no download

  2. Ciao Souza SG, i tuoi lavori mi piacciono e guardo i tuoi tutorial e sei molto bravo.
    Voglio farti una domanda (non è una richiesta e sei libero di non rispondere)
    farai un video tutorial come convertire una mod trailer con un altro nome (standalone) con blender tools? grazie.

    1. ciao zoso tu per caso fai anche gli skin personalizzati o combo skin? per favore fammi sapere grazie

      1. Mi dispiace ma su richiesta no x questione di tempo
        e non mi piace prendere in giro la gente, è capitato di fare qualche skin chiesta su qualche commento non richiesta a me, ma di mia spontanea volontà.
        Prova ha scrivere Zoso nella finestra search in alto ha destra
        un po’ di skin le trovi.
        Comunque cosa ti interessava di skin?

  3. will not show in game for me

  4. wird nicht beim händler angezeigt

  5. the Mod not show in game :c

  6. Oh my god! Dumb people. Download > Extract Mod > Put cargo_cavalinho_by_lucas_morais.scs in mod folder and activate in game. ### people? Cannabis?

  7. Before I get into the pros and cons, let me say something first.
    Don’t download this mod if you actualy want to drive it, only download this to take pictures. The truck is so annoying to drive IMO it’s undriveable. Right, lets get into it.

    – Acceptable Exterior
    – All rear lights and indicators work as expected
    – Semi-standalone (The truck itself is a DAF XF105 with a different cabin and chassis, doesn’t replace any standard truck)
    – Trailer cables work

    – I can’t explain what the hell the front lights are trying to do
    – Advanced coupling doesn’t work
    – Interior customizations are broken
    – Next to no customizations
    – Rear mudflap clips through the ground
    – Speedometer is just a rough estimation of how fast you’re going
    – Rev counter is obscured by the steering wheel
    – Steering wheel is unmoveable
    – You can barely see anything on the sat-nav
    – Mirrors when viewed from the interior just float outside the truck
    – You can’t see your right mirror unless you sit as far back as possible and with 100° FOV

    In conclusion, this is not a very good mod, nor was I expecting it to be.

    1. Brazilian mods, guy… Unhappily I lost my hope. –”

      I’m brazilian, but I hate to download our country-made mods with too many bugs, included interference in default trucks.

      The mod author until now don’t corrected those failures, but he prefer to launch many truck mods per week to satisfact viewers in your youtube account.


      Mods brasileiros, apenas… Infelizmente eu perdi minhas esperanças. –”

      Eu sou brasileiro, mas odeio baixar os mods nacionais com tantos bugs, incluindo interferências nos caminhões default.

      O autor do mod até agora não corrigiu essas falhas, mas ele prefere lançar muitos mods por semana para satisfazer seguidores na sua conta do Youtube.

      1. papaghostPT

        estou de acordo contigo amigo André não existe um mod do sousaSG que não tenha erros a melhor coisa que existe a nivel de mods brasileiros é o mapa feito pela a EAA GAMES

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