Ford F150 Raptor SVT

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– Separately registered
– For sale in the Volvo showroom
– There is a small tuning
– Add template
– Tested 1.6.X

Author: FH, Elaman

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43 Responses to Ford F150 Raptor SVT

  1. HeavelsT says:

    wow please make video

  2. ByMetin44 says:

    Good Job Man Nice MOD Thank You

  3. houssem algerie says:

    thinkyou so much

  4. lambo603 says:

    Nice but make better physics,better gear box becouse at 130 km/h i have 6000 rpm and the engine is too strong

  5. baha2r says:

    very nice… but dont have real gearbox and engine!

  6. houssem algerie says:

    can you product other cars

  7. BanditGamingHD says:

    video with this mod

  8. RoliHUN says:

    This is good car.. I have 1 problem the wheel crackle ! Please Fix

  9. Fazbear says:

    Hey great job. Next you should make the ford f 350,250, or 150 That would be great.

  10. JN says:

    Cool feedback, man! LOL!

  11. xwildanx says:

    not found for me? how to fix please? mod in mod folder and check activate on profile, but still not found. I am using this mod only, no other

  12. Melichov_SU says:

    Ford F150 Raptor SVT / Euro Truck Simulator 2
    Video HD: 1000 miles of fear

  13. Piratxxx11 says:

    kids mod 😛

  14. DylanEvrard says:

    whats the password for skinning you give the template but jou locked the files

  15. @dr_jaymz says:

    great modeling but this is a truck simulation game… cheers

  16. james says:

    This vehicle has the jitters but it is drivable, but only from gas pump to gas pump. Its about 2kl per litre.If you drive it better know how to telaport to gas pumps. Max speed 130 but NO Damage available. Cabin is not the best but at least its not a volvo cabin.
    improvement needed are needs better physics stop the jitters, fix the rear view center mirror. Engine sound not for a truck but car.
    Paint jobs are a plus in my book,fun to teleport or drive. Its a break from the standard stock vehicle but very well thought out. I give it an 7 out of 10 grade. Keep at it. Let it grow on ets2 drivers. For those who would like passengers to transport, the bus loading program should be compatible, but haven’t used it yet on this truck.

  17. Prime Games says:
    Hello, you can check the mod in this video is in HD very show, hug.
    Olá, vocês podem conferir o mod neste vídeo que está em HD muito show, abraço.

  18. joni1501 says:

    can you fix ford sound? still truck sound, but everything is good , goodjob

  19. GTH says:

    Super MOD, but i mis sound

  20. dwight says:

    it is left steer…. ho can i make it right steer?

  21. sunnoco says:

    Excellent job! Excellent car! A big thank you! Works perfect in 1.6.3! No errors in .log file! Works also with passengers mod from bus and trailer mod from Jeep Cherokee. 😉
    A little tip for those who (like me) they like to drive cars in this driving simulator, even if it’s “truck simulator” (mea culpa! 🙂 ): because it’s also a car from Volvo Dealer, first enable (as mod) and buy (in game) Ford F150 Raptor SVT, then enable (as mod) and buy (in game) Gazelle and last one enable (as mod) and buy (in game) Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety Car. Like this you’ll have all three cars in your garage! ;)… Otherwise, you’ll see only one of them! ;)… With the others cars (BMW, Audi S4) there is no conflict, because they use another dealers.;)…
    And a little request, if it’s not too much for you: can you add more accessories inside the truck (gps / dvd, passenger, etc), please? I know that involve also a lot of work, but it would be nice to have them also…
    Anyway, once again, thank you for your great mod and hard work and for sharing with us! Keep up the great job! And, of course , remember to drive safely , especially in reality , because we and other road users have only one life ! So cherish it! ; )

  22. Domenico says:

    But to make sure That the game does not crash with the mod the ford I have to remove the mod of the Gazelle and the Jeep Grand Cherokee to make sure they will not be in conflict?

    • sunnoco says:

      The game won’t crash, but you’ll won’t “find” the Ford F150 Raptor SVT if you already have enabled and bought the Jeep first one! So do as I said before: first enable and buy Ford, then Gazelle and last one Jeep. Unfortunately, Gazelle have minor bugs (and, during the game, I hate to see red in front of my eyes :)) ), so I gave up on Gazelle. Same for BMW and Audi S4. Maybe, in time, their creators can fix them, because are also great cars!;)… Now I have in my garage (in game, of course! I wished to have these in my real garage!:)) ), only Ford and Jeep… Also, I kept only trailer from Jeep, because passengers from BMW have also a minor “red lines” in .log file and – even if the game don’t crash – it’s hard to unload them at check point! ;)… )

      Take care, have a great weekend and remember to drive safe, especially in reality!;)…

  23. sunnoco says:

    Btw… For cars mods, if you wanna drive like in reality, when your gps is malfunction / you don’t have gps etc., you can use also another great mods from here, made by adison8:
    Also, a great mod, with more traffic day and night, and often jams, made by fayee, Yi-San, Julien:
    With this great mod, you’ll find yourself, like in reality, in many hard driving situations and you’ll must decide fast if you’ll break the law / drive with some risk to “wipe a little paint” from your car 🙂 / find another route etc !;)…
    Also, if you’re like me and like to drive in hard weather conditions, I recommend you to use Ford, because Jeep have a minor windshield bug and it’s hard to use it, even if you’ll change the rain settings in game_data.sii. ;)… For realistic weather sounds I recommend you another excellent mod made by_nIGhT-SoN:
    Just increase a little interior_sound_volume, from game_data.sii (as much as you like) and you’ll have a real thunder and rain sounds inside the car, like in reality, when you drive in real storm weather!;)…If you have any questions about car mods, don’t hesitate to ask me and if I knew the answer and I’m allowed to share it with you, of course, I’ll be glad to help you…

  24. Domenico says:

    have just disabled the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Gazelle and I activated ford f150 but the game crashes. How should I do ?

    • sunnoco says:

      Maybe you have another mods activated? Or maybe your first bought truck was Jeep. Look in .log file (it’s in My Documents/ ETS2/game.log)! I recommend to use Notepad ++ (much better than default Windows). In search type: ERROR and push “Find in all from active file”. Do the same for WARNING and you’ll see all errors and warnings game on the bottom of the page (Notepad will split in two). Just read what make’s your game to crash and eliminate those mods, because I don’t have any errors in .log file! ;)…
      Also, you can try another method: deactivate ALL mods (EXCEPT those MAP mods or that mod when you have INITIAL AMOUNT!;)… otherwise game will crash (for instance, if you start your profile with a mod who gave you 9000000 Eur from beginning, you must keep that mod all the time to avoid crash!;)… ). Then, start the game (SAME profile, not new one!). You’ll lost your current job and truck will return at an initial Volvo truck! Play the game for a very short time! Save the game and exit the game! Then start the game again and first enable the Ford mod. Buy that truck and then enable, step by step, the others mods you have and I recommended to you. If the game will crash again, stop playing and read the .log file and you’ll find what mod create your crash, because definitely isn’t Ford / Jeep mods or the others I recommended to you! ;)… I use all those without any error in .log file or crash! ;)…
      Anyway, don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any other problems.

  25. Driver says:

    VIDEO FORD F150 :

  26. Darren says:

    Very nice mod, i only have two problems. One may be a bug, 1st is that it has the Volvo sound, would be soooooo much better with its own sound effect. And 2nd, i lost ALL physics on the game until i turned off the mod. Might be something you would want to look into. Other than that, its a fantastic looking mod, very well detailed inside and out. Job (half)well done

    • sunnoco says:

      Darren, just delete / modify physics file (personal, I deleted this file) and you’ll have a drivable and great car and not affect your others trucks physics! ;)… Also, you can “turn your head behind” (like in real life when you go backwards), if you’ll modify: \def\camera\units\interior_volvo_fh16_2009.sii:
      mouse_right_limit: -120
      mouse_left_limit: 210
      Same for Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety car, BMW X6 and Audi RS 4 mods! 😉
      And to make car sounds to fit exactly, it’s a little bit harder, believe me! I tried this for Jeep, using a real Jeep Cherokee engine sound, but the final result was much annoying then game default Volvo sound!;)… That mean, those exhaust_sounds from game have their role to make the sounds so smooth for ears!;)… And till now I couldn’t find a proper way to make them to be smooth like default game sounds for trucks!;)… If you’ll play BMW X6 mod from here, you’ll see what I mean (for me, it’s an annoying sound, especially on high speed, even if it’s a real BMW sound!)…
      But, if you’ll succeed to make a proper sound, please share it with us. Same for me, of course, because I didn’t give up!;)…

  27. Tom says:

    make a trailer mod for it please?????

  28. MauroDaFreak says:

    Video about the mod 😛


    Thank you so much!

  29. Tyler says:

    I really like this mod but 2 problems.

    1. I takes off a BIT to quick for a pickup, make it a BIT slower, just a bit.

    2. I have a trailer mod that works on the Jeep Grand Cherokee mod, but not this one, and I think I know why, The Truck is too light. Whenever I put the trailer on, it makes the front of the truck fly up into the air, soooo can you make the truck heavier, that would fix the problem..THANKS!!! other than that NICE MOD

  30. EDUARDO says:

    cual es la clave para descomprimir las partes

  31. Ralph says:

    PLEASE UPDATE FOR ETS2 v1.23. Thanks!

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