Ford Fiesta ST 2012 1.4 1.50x

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updated to 1.50x
I Rebuilded all this car
I improved the physics and engine
Max Speed : 190 KmH




28 thoughts on “Ford Fiesta ST 2012 1.4 1.50x

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      ah yes Next truck Racing

      1. .............


  1. Bro i quited ets coz of boring car mods i will start again when u bring a new audi rsq8 or a8 pls release it bro🫡

    1. .............

      bro you are same guy different name bro get over yourself

      1. It’s been over 3 weeks since you said the next car will be RSQ8 ever since then it’s been one boring mods to another, plus when do you intend updating the 2023 Range rover sport?

  2. Deepthroat Aidan

    maybe you all should pay Gaza for what YOU want, seeing how your all telling him what to do? better yet, why dont YOU all do what YOU ALL tell everybody else to do when they rag on his mods… “go make your own mods and upload them then” your all ungrateful

    1. ---------------

      Yes, my brother, what you say is true. They think that I can stay at the computer 24 hours or that I do work paid for by them. I do not work for anyone. I do what I see fit.

    2. You’re a big f..l, who made you an ambassador for Gaza republic? 😂 Don’t you think your st.. pidity has gotten to it’s climax if you think public opinion doesn’t count? Hence the reason why he uploads his mods online for public usage, else he would’ve kept the mods to himself if we are to follow your lame mindset…. Oh you want Gaza to praise you for being his shield 🛡️ 😂, you’re free to request for your favourite mods bruh or sthu and follow the moving train 🚆

      1. Nobgobbler Hector

        wow you dribble Hector, he even said once he considered a paywall cause of the flak he got back when he was Yahia Abid, and you ought to talk, you grovel on your knees for mods, but when you dont get what you want his mods are boring , p!ss off you “Onur”

        1. that onur has made history 😂

          1. Equality for all car manufacturers

            yes i remember my friend Onur fondly, i so miss him 💔

        2. First of get my name off your stvpid name you shameless imp, let’s start by saying I’m proud enough not to have changed my name for any reason here, you called me exactly what you are cause it’s only a less honest personality that goes to any length changing their names just to dribble people, oh sorry I guess you don’t even know the meaning of dribbling? Not a question, you obviously don’t have a slightest idea of what dribble means, and naaaaa I don’t grovel for mods like your little 🤡nish mindset makes you think, you’re just another sick #### sapien who derives so much pleasure throwing jabs and tantrums on people who’s got a few positive opinions. FYI even Gaza knows that he’s well improved today in mods creation because of people’s backlash and opinions on his mods, you’ll be the dumbest human living amongst real humans to ever think of a clap back to my response, cause my next response to you will be soooooooo brutal….. You should be sh#tting in your pants now at the mention of the name HECTOR……D.CK HEADED PIECE OF SH.T!

          1. Nobgobbler Hector

            triggered much… give us your brutal response Onur

          2. lots of dribble here, he knows how to dribble

  3. I’m Hector not your Onur or whatever, you headed green piece of sh.t…. get the straps or stick to being a self inconsequential m0r0nic f44l…. Oh you wish my name is yours, so much so that you can’t stop attaching it to your meaningless name? 😂 Stick to your name and own up to it make thunder no fire your papa!

    1. Nobgobbler Hector

      is that it??? your brutal response… you just typed like you bashed the keyboard lol, i reckon Gaza should just make 90s cars, just for you Nobgobbler Hector

    2. Nobgobbler Hector

      what did he say his name was that we wont forget? umm ah yes “HECTOR……D.CK HEADED PIECE OF SH.T!” there you go… i made it “thunder no fire your papa!” ???

  4. This comment section is such a leveller, oh naaa I can’t abdicate to your narcissistic level. My comment was directed at Gaza, but lo and behold, you chose yourself to be the sacrificial lamb, I still can’t help but wonder who made you the rep for Gaza, it’ll be sooo dumb and unintelligent of me to ever reply you again cause I’ve noticed that I’ve literally been exchanging words with someone who just escaped a psychiatric hospital, well that’s so awkward 🤭 I’m here for Gaza I’ve defended him countless of times if you’ve noticed, except for the fact that you’ve been far away somewhere in Mars, ohh 😯 ok you just returned to earth 🌎 😂 the journey must’ve been so turbulent uhh 🤔? Ok guess what, I’ll keep grovelling for mods from Gaza, crawling on my knees for mods and there’s absolutely nothing you or anyone can do about it 😂😂😂. Let me give you your own taste of medicine and see who gets the last HaHa…


      sounds good… nobgobbler

      1. Is that all you got? Oh what a Crackhead… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


          “Is that all you got? Oh what a Crackhead” Im guessing this is your brutal response that will make me sh!t my pants at the mention of your name “HECTOR……D.CK HEADED PIECE OF SH.T!” guess there’s not much else to say when youv’e pounded away on your keyboard so much aye nobgobbler…. all day my friend, all day


          😂 thats all you deserve

          1. Crack head 🤭

          2. You know I see hipster dudes like you come in here everyday, crying about how people make harmless requests for new and improved mods, and how you can always be a self employed 🤡nish fellow and how you need a new brain 🧠 so you can always reason like a normal human, they’re like little Crackheads . Yeah they got crazy eyes and they’re all scratchy. They’re like ” l need a new brains” man.. ” I’ll your for a new brain. I’m like ” M.therf.cker you don’t need a new brain, ” you need Rehab”. You might disagree with me that you’re not a Crackhead bruh, you’re worse than a Crackhead! Cause at least a Crackhead gets up off the couch every now and then, to go get some more crack, a Crackhead gets some fresh air. A Crackhead says hello to all his little Crackhead friends. A Crackhead gets his steps in… But not you Mmm-mmm. You just sit there 24/7 staring at that little white powder sniffing on that stuff like a little b.tch. You still wanna clap back, don’t you? CRACKHEAD!😒

          3. he is right you do dribble hector

          4. Nobgobbler Hector

            so this is your brutal response that would make me SH!T my pants at the mention of your name “HECTOR……D.CK HEADED PIECE OF SH.T”… huh? a fiction story about a crackhead? awesome, really well done buddy, scary stuff, still a triggered keyboard basher, well done slick 🤪

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