Ford Fiesta V1R3 (1.34)

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Complability with 1.34
Fixed small bugs

trzpro, crowbarattack


8 thoughts on “Ford Fiesta V1R3 (1.34)

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…

  2. Dont download this mod, is not working!

  3. The usual: These guys take the skoda car by mptruckers, change the original textures for the mods of other games and eliminate all the animations of the original mod. And present it as if it were an original mod. See if you hear a voice: these cars are useless. In addition, they are not compatible with the original mod nor with each other. To use them, we would have to create a profile for each car.

    1. Yes and trzpro is a big Specialist for this, all his “Mods” have Skoda Parts.
      So as a Skoda-Rolls-Royce… LOL LOL

  4. yes edsor 😐

  5. man if u wanna put the front bar and the rear one my game crashes, dont download this mod if u want a exterior apperance

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