Ford Focus |3.5 [ Hatcback – Sedan ] | 1.37

Türkçe |
Hatcback Stop Düzeltildi
Cam kenarındaki kararma düzeltildi.
Sedan ana model aosundaki pikselleşme düzeltildi.
Direk ve Tavan arasındaki açıklık kapatıldı.
Sesteki hatalar düzeltildi.

En |
Stop Hatcback Fixed
The darkening of the glass is fixed.
The pixelation in the sedan main model was fixed.
The gap between the mast and the ceiling was closed.
Audio errors fixed.

Berat Afşin, Hüseyin Ülken, Hakan Doğan, Berkay Pekesen, Harun Aras


32 thoughts on “Ford Focus |3.5 [ Hatcback – Sedan ] | 1.37


    before somebody come to say ‘remove the plates’ here ;

    1. oops… didn’t mean that ?? how do you delete a comment ?

  2. Remove Turkish licence plates!
    Türk plakalarını çıkarın!

    1. Berat Afşin

      don’t use my modes!

      1. Don’t upload your “Mods” here if you not able to reply polish and friendly. ?

        1. Berat Afşin

          the same comments to all modes writes, I live in Turkey and the Turkish plate plate

      2. Why don’t you just get rid of the plates? Honestly not that hard… ?‍♂️

        1. Berat Afşin

          I live in Turkey and this is a real car :d ?

          1. But why must you put the plate on it? Why can’t you use SCS licence plate? Just because it’s there irl doesnt mean you need it for the mod

          2. it doesnt matter if you live in turkey. Noone gives a ####. Turkey is NOT the center of the world.
            And the last time i checked, an .lt website is from lithuania and not turkey. thats .tr in case you dimwhits forgot that.

      3. hidrolikgaming

        abi modu indirdim kurdum fakat direksiyon dönmüyor gaz yemiyorr??

    2. Berat Afşin

      I don’t allow a license plate change, it’s a real car, and shut up and don’t use my mods again.

      1. What??? of course the Ford Focus is a real car. Just because the licence plate exists on the car in real life doesnt mean you HAVE to put it on.

        If thats your logic, why not use a British plate? Or a Russian plate? Or a Japanese plate? Why not include a choice of other countries plates? There are so many other options you could take but ALL TURKISH CAR MODDERS INSIST on keeping THEIR OWN PLATES ON IT!!!

        Also, telling me to shut up/**** off etc. will not make me do any of those things, I hoped you would know that now ????

        Oh look – these are real cars, and WHAT?! they have licence plates too! ??? Why don’t you use those instead? Or add them?

    3. why don’t you ask him to add the plate you want not tell him what to do that’s rude AF

      1. ????? You must be new here – I have told them soooo many times to remove them, by asking them politely. But no one of them responded so now I just copy and paste the same comment over and over…. at least it’s getting attention now ?
        Btw I do ask them what plates i want – the SCS ONES, the ones that come on SCS trucks, on the Scout Extra_D mod, on most of modders OUTSIDE of Turkey’s mods.

  3. Test Video 1.37:

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.37…

  5. Seriously… Whats with that ###### rake on your cars? whats with your obsession with your ###### ### plates? why are there SO MANY ERRORS IN MY LOGS WITH YOUR CARS?! why are there so many material-bugs?

    Why do you keep using the same ###### ### Scout-sounds with air-accessories?

    Your mods are a disgrace and shouldnt be called mods.
    and giving us the finger about a simple request about your mods? how old are you? 9?

    1. Berat Afşin

      Do better if possible, unfortunate, respect labor! and this is a real car.

    2. Berat Afşin

      The number of sounds to use is limited, this is not a real car license plate change do not use my modes if you see the license plate as a missing one.

    3. Berat Afşin

      My age doesn’t concern you ?

    4. Arda_Arsln

      Anan varmı anan orospu evladı madem plakalara laf edeceksiniz inadınıza kalacak o zaman ya kalkın siktrin gidin holland yaptığınız kadar bi ford yapın kendi plakanızı takın burada laf yapıp yaş sorgulamayın modu yapan kişi türkdür ki moda imzasını atmaktadır o plakada asla sökülmeyecektedir varsa itirazı olan kudursun oynamasın burada sağlam boş yapıyorsunuz ermeni tohumları


    1. ???

  7. y’all guys are disrespectful AF for telling him to remove his country number plate what happened to asking him to add other number plate psh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have no name

    Can you make an c350 2012 Mercedes? or an BMW g20

  9. I like this mod, it has soo many options and I like the change between hatch and sedan. Good job! 🙂

    Can you also make a Ford Kuga mk 2? Facelift or non-facelift, just not the vignale version, please 😀

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