Ford Tourneo Connect

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Very much wanted TRZPRO has done for you!

7 rim
door ladders
luggage ladder
2 luggage
2 spoiler
police skin
2 stop
2 headlights
6 bumper
hood mask
3 rear bumper
1 karbit
quality interior
all needle
working all
cabin dlc

It is forbidden to upload the tool again without unauthorized editing!

Vehicle Production: TRZPro (Emir Bardakçı)
Model and AO: Kağan Göktürk / Berkay Pekesen

TRZPro (Emir Bardakçı), Kağan Göktürk / Berkay Pekesen


8 thoughts on “Ford Tourneo Connect

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28..

  3. fuckin interior with Skoda interior uk….

    1. Scooby123

      You fukcin wot? It has interior you dumb

    2. thomasbus31

      I see you commenting on almost all mods here, and almost all comments are negative. Just STOP. It’s annoying, if you hate the mod don’t download it, or even better: Make your own mod. I will be the first who comment and say it’s a ugly mod with crappy sounds and a f*cked up interior. Would you like to hear that? NO, because you worked on that mod very hard, so you wanna get some appreciation from other people. So just stop with those annoying comments, right now….

      1. You’re just gon na skip it.

  4. Tomasz_Mr

    This car appear without front… typical in some turkish mods…

  5. Thank you. I tried so hard to play the game legit without cheating. But with nice vehicles like being uploaded almost every day, I’m forced to cheat money and level.


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