Ford Transit 2010 Pickup 1.31x

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Ford Transit 2010 Pcikup
Her Galeride Çıkar.
-2 Sase
-7 On Tampon
-2 Far
-1 Spoiler
-4 Kasa
-3 Panjur
-1 Kaput Maskesi
-3 Direksiyon
-28 Jant
-3 Lastik
All Showrooms.
-2 Chasis
-7 Front Bumper
-2 Headlight
-1 Spoiler
-1 Hood Cover
-3 Sterring Wheels
-28 Rims
-3 Wheel

Hüseyin Karadana


10 Responses to Ford Transit 2010 Pickup 1.31x

  1. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz says:

    Turkish models, and tuning’s are ugly.

  2. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.31…

  3. I RENATO12 says:

    Witch is the Password?

  4. MrTwinkie says:

    Tüm araba modlarında ( Alican abinin BMW si hariç ) vites sorunu var illa boşa alıp bidaha vitese geçince vites atıyo bu düzelmiyomu ?

  5. A says:

    Another boring, not standalone!!!

    FFS, are you ppl stupid or what?!

  6. Metin Ateş says:

    Adamsın hüseyin bende ne zaman çıkar diyodum bekliyosun ama hakkınıda veriyosun

  7. imago says:

    ford transit 1998

  8. joe sib says:

    there is no sound can you please fix that there is no sound inside the vehicle it’s not enjoyable to drive the minibus Mod of yours has a sound inside you probably didn’t do it on purpose just letting you know you weren’t aware thank you

  9. joe sib says:

    apologise for the comment it was a corrupted file which caused no sound I fixed it now I thought you made a mistake it was a misunderstanding thank you

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