Ford Transit 2010

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Ford Transit 2010
Her Galeride Çıkar.
-2 Şase
-7 Ön Tampon Tampon
-3 Arka Tampon
-2 Far
-1 Difüzör
-1 Klima Havalandırma
-2 Uydu
-1 Spoiler
-4 Koltuk
-3 Panjur
-1 Kaput Maskesi
-5 Skin (Metro,Guven,Ulusoy,Cankırı Özlem,Okul Tasiti)
-Panelvan Olabilir
-5 Marşpiyel
-3 Direksiyon
-28 Jant
-3 Lastik
All Showrooms.
-2 Chasis
-7 Front Bumper
-3 Rear Bumper
-2 Headlight
-1 A/C
-1 Spoiler
-1 Hood Cover
-5 Skin
-3 Sterring Wheels
-28 Rims
-3 Wheel

Huseyin Karadana


12 thoughts on “Ford Transit 2010

  1. please can make it smaller like micro bus thanks

  2. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  3. it’s All dealers… LOL…

  4. kindly i have some notes to be better
    change GPS place, make it shortest, improve its speed to be stable

  5. Good mod!
    (Can you make a SAAB car)

    1. * ?

    2. ahahahaha…. no… SAAB Ugly car….

  6. Automobile Freak YT

    It says it has 3 wheels! It doesn’t, it has four, otherwise it would be called a robin reliant!! 😀 🙂

  7. password please

  8. Cookiemuncher69


  9. For author it’s so hard to add some missing things(stings) what need to be added in mod file under truck dealer to update it to actual version??! Or at least take off that password so then other users like me who know how can update it themselves.

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