Ford Transit MK7 (1.38)

Fixed sound
New plastic AO
Fixed shadow
Fixed glasses
Fixed wheels
New rims and tires
Fixed steering wheel
Fixed some interior bugs
Fixed rain drops



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21 thoughts on “Ford Transit MK7 (1.38)

  1. Can you take a hymer motorhome in ai traffic and create a mod please. if is possible create Laika ecovip please 😉

  2. dear please create Toyota hiace

  3. VauxhllNova

    does this collide with the skoda mod?

    1. adamwantsdie

      hi alfie

    2. Octavian101

      No, you can use both at the same time.

  4. Octavian101

    Finally, a little more effort than just fixing the sound.

  5. open window dabei

  6. AzoraxModdingGaming

    stolen mod edited without permission i recognise my files in ther

    1. So you should finally report it to the Admins.
      I think, it’s not the only, where this guy “use” other Parts
      from other Authors.
      I call him the “Car Spammer” 🤣

      1. sey may neymm

        hahahaha jogayckhimk,

        almost all the mods you have used so far belong to ”trzpro”

        you’re funny

    2. sey may neymm

      idi*t azorax, view here ”” it says there ”Modders; trzpro, Azorax Modding

      1. And ? Azorax said trzpro did not have permission to edit and reupload the mod. Giving credit does not resolve stealing.

  7. adamwantsdie

    doesnt even show up other than the mod manager

  8. çalışmıyor dalga mı gecıyonuz

  9. ben brown


  10. please resolve drop fps

  11. trucker_todd

    dont work on my 1.38 paddy

  12. domadmiralis

    Doesn’t show up in the mod manager.

  13. Can you make the Ford Kuga or Peugeot 3008? Please

  14. Crashes with sound problem

  15. this is mk5, not mk7. If you dont count taunus transit, there is no even mk7.

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