Ford Transit MK7 R60 (1.40)

Fixed sound

trzpro, Azorax Modding


7 thoughts on “Ford Transit MK7 R60 (1.40)

  1. It doesn’t work. It shows correctly in the mods list, but can’t be purchased anywhere.

    1. en el dealer de iveco

  2. Mehmet Ünaldı

    mod klasöründe çıkmıyor.

    1. zip olarak attıysan gözükmez veyatta rar olarak attıysan iki türlüde gözükmez rarın içindeki scs dosyasını atacaksın.

  3. lotelyrics

    can someone tell me how to fix that the mod is not showing in the mod dealer or any truck dealer? please, i really like this mod

  4. Dont Work!!!

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