Ford Transit MK7 v 1.5

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This mod needs game to be run in x64/64-bit to work

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– updated to 1.31-1.32
– removed My Logos from van
– got rid of a couple of errors
– got rid of a few unnecessary files


If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me:

Azorax Modding, Leafeongold, GRMModding


22 Responses to Ford Transit MK7 v 1.5

  1. Steven says:

    Another nonsense from Azorax Modding…

    • JoachimK says:

      Oh yes, you are right.
      We are not in NFS or other Cargames.
      Here is still ETS2 !!!!

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

      another hater hating xD dont like car/ van mods dont use them its not like they affect your bloody game

    • Golden Modding says:

      Your comment has nosense đŸ˜‰

  2. Squirrel says:

    Why won’t you make it possible for us to make our own paintjobs???????

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

      it is possible to make your own paintjob? template is in v1 file of van

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says: <<<<< there you go link to template

  3. Unknow says:

    Please.. Add more oil to the engine.. Your ford has only 400 KM to do ! PLEASE add liters for 1 200 KM for all of the new cars and fix you make please !

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

      IRL a car would not drive 1200km

      • Arsen says:

        So stop in this nonsense! Go to NFS.Skoro all cars from the traffic will be with a residence permit Shkoda.Ili do normal (their trucks) with normal physics

        • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

          don’t tell me what to bloody do ok? if you dont like it don’t bloody use it and stop complaining some people like cars and vans in the game

    • Sergio M. says:

      @Unknow: Go play Forza, then.

  4. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.32…

  5. M1A1 says:

    Very good, I love this mod !!

  6. PECK says:

    Really good mod, I don’t understand the people who complaina bout the car mods, why are they even here ? This is a mod site, if you don’t like the car mods then leave..

  7. arjen says:

    can somebody help with the skinning of this?

  8. Audi1merc2 says:

    The steering can be worked on, but it is still a good mod.

  9. advan00 says:

    this mod has LAGSSSSS please do not download sprinter is better mod

  10. Matthew says:

    It looks great and works great, thanks!!!

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