FPS Boost +20 FPS

FPS Boost +20 FPS
Is an config .
This file (.cfg) incrase your FPS with 20-30 FPS or more.
Use this only your PC is low.
PS : The lights don’t work and on night you can’t drive but on days all are perfect , no lag , high scalling and boost FPS.
Install : Put “config.cfg” to “MyDocuments/Euro Truck Simulator2″and press [Replace files]



6 thoughts on “FPS Boost +20 FPS

  1. Nice try, but
    “and on night you can’t drive” is a bad business, cuz drivers must drive independent from the day time.
    So the reality cannot been ignored for the price of some ‘few more frames’ (as you promised) = More frames vs. reality.
    Which do you prefer??

  2. The Angel of my life

    Whats the point if I cannot drive on night and turn lights on night. This is great mod but make it with night drive option and light option. I never use lights on day because they eats a lot of fps. Only important is night, that is when we turn on our lights. Greetz

  3. Adrian G.

    I second both opinions, you have to be able to drive at night with all the headlights and that during days should be optional, nice suggestion, but some of the quality and realism have already suffered.

    Please include this option to have normal illumination during nights and partially during days without already compromising the FPSs.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. not working truck light

  5. no file

  6. RealGamer_YT

    Why when I want to download the mod it says : No file . Help.

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