Scania R & Streamline (RJL) Black & Red Griffin Skin + Accessory

Scania Rjl MOD version for V2.1
Tested game version

– Lightbox
– SUPER Badge&Mudflap&Michelin Doll

– Lightbox: maxx2504
– SUPER Badge&Mudflap&Michelin Doll: 50keda



5 thoughts on “Scania R & Streamline (RJL) Black & Red Griffin Skin + Accessory

  1. Very good job with the truck will not have the trailer link?

  2. Yes trailer link please

  3. nice look,
    ’bout the trailer – it looks like the
    Trailer Schmitz by Stanley John Cornet Int.Transport (Updated v 1.4)
    uploaded on site… only it’s painted black

  4. I’m a big fan of Rjl, the best truck in this game, what i want to say is: you are the best man realy nice work you have a big hug and my respect for your effort! Thank you and good work man !!!
    Also it will be nice if you leave a link for that treiler it would be nice !!

  5. very nice and good work man

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