FPS Boost For Version 1.33

Hey, today I want to show you a simple way that you can greatly increase the FPS(frames per second) in ets2
it helps a lot, gives you like 40-50 even 60 more FPS, but it makes the game a lot realistic



4 thoughts on “FPS Boost For Version 1.33

  1. How can weather mod increase FPS?In your SCS file is only weather files and you call that as FPS Boost

    1. You´re right. For me it´s a Fake-Upload.
      Here is too much waste as “Mods”…

      1. i made FPS Increase Mod and i know how do that and how really improve fps but not with weather lol…This one is my mod and is real no fake and its really help

  2. Works in multiplayer?

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