FPS Booster! v1.0.1


Mod improves game performance but also adds a bit of FPS.

-Working on 1.24.x;
-Not working on previous versions;
-Recommendation to use on slower computers.

Do not change the link !!!
Allow for elevation of the other side, but with keeping the author and link the original !!!!



5 Responses to FPS Booster! v1.0.1

  1. Bradley_1995 says:

    Please excuse my retarded question, but how can a mod “improve the game performance”?

  2. Mixer66 says:

    A me la mod funziona al contrario, prima di aver messo il config il gioco faceva 15/13 fps, appena ho messo il config (sia low che mid, in pratica li ho provati tutti) gli fps sono scesi a 8/5 fps.

  3. President10 says:

    video ????

  4. ACYC says:

    Powiedz mi. Działa na Multi??

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