FPS Increase 2.2 FINAL (Only Config)

FPS Increase

This mod is same than previous version i only disable CONSOLE and FPS SHOWING on top of display!Because some people ask to disable console and fps on top in display now is possible with this config file..Just replace it with old one!But make backup first of old config!

If you need SCS mods than download previous version of 2.2 FINAL

Author: BLiNKT


4 Responses to FPS Increase 2.2 FINAL (Only Config)

  1. marthor says:

    I can’t see at night… no light in the headlamp! what to rewrite?

    • Youri says:

      Because mod intent to remove all single thing in order to have “muh moar fps”

      Unless you have ultralow end laptop it’s pointless to use it

  2. skism13 says:

    man ,please make an update with headlights

  3. BLiNKT says:

    Hello everyone..First i must say thank you for more than 1800+ download of this mod..Some of you ask why lights not work and why you not see at night..

    Here is answer

    Lights in this game use some CPU and RAM and i know you need lights at night but if i make lights on than you CAN’T gain some FPS because with lights you lose some fps..Only way which you can do and have good fps is use this mod and use BRIGHER NIGHT mod which make nights more bright than you can drive with my mod at night! I can make fix for light but REMEMBER than you will not gain fps and with my mod you may gain just few fps..If you want good fps than use my mod without lights and brighter nights mod and you will be able to drive at night without lights..

    If someone want help me make this mod better than visit my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ets2modsbyblinkt and we be together make mod better

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