Frankfurt Rebuild v 2.1 BY ABDELMOUIN123

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This is a mod of Frankfurt am Main Rebuild Version 2.1.
Hope you enjoy it with the event on the road. and some of editing on
the Company’s.
This Mod is tasted on ETS2



10 thoughts on “Frankfurt Rebuild v 2.1 BY ABDELMOUIN123

  1. Abdelmouin123, big thanks!

  2. Abdelmouin123, I advise you to use in fashion only those sectors of the map that you have changed. In this case, your mod can be used with other maps.

    1. Abdelmouin123

      Thanks for the Encouraging.
      I am going to try it out.

  3. does this mod work with promods???

    1. Abdelmouin123

      Jonathan, Sorry It Dosen’t work with Promods

  4. Auch mit der promods 2.27 verwendbar ??

    1. Abdelmouin123

      Rocky, Nein, es ist nicht verwendbar

  5. Throwing out 1.31

  6. Realy very nice job…..!!!!

  7. When we log in, the game is crashing?

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