Freightliner Argosy Reworked v 1.1


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This is an overhaul to my old mod. Now the truck looks more like the real prototype. New interior, new exterior, new upgrade parts, new sounds, all new. The UV template is also new, so sorry about that skinmakers, i tried to retain old uv map, but too many changes were made that made it impossible.

Located in Volvo dealership.


-Fixed shadow issues in raised roof interior
-Fixed fifth wheel position for standard trailers
-Fixed cabin uv-map (small issues)
-Added new chrome stoneguard and two new mudflap options
-Some sound fixes
-Added missing icons

Rig’n’Roll authors: Softclub-NSK
Some parts were borrowed from different trucks, authors: dmitry68, stas556
Misc details used inside: don’t know/can’t remember
Sound author: odd_fellow
Interior camera: kimi112
Wheels: ventyres
Pretty much everything else was made by me (odd_fellow) and SCS.

Also big thanks to Kriechbaum for particular sound files and ideas.

Tested on version 1.22.

I am NOT gonna make UK variant just because i’m not interested, if you want to see it, please donate. Do not reupload this mod without my permission.

Authors: SCS Software, stas556, dmitry68, odd_fellow


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10 thoughts on “Freightliner Argosy Reworked v 1.1

  1. momosalah

    wonderful <3

  2. WoW!
    v1.0 564Mb
    v1.1 194Mb

    Where the missing 370Mb..?

    1. UP … maybe winrar achive, the other at 564 was not in winrar but in SCS

  3. UltraGeo2000

    is there flare or not?

  4. Владимир

    Дружище трак отличный ему бы бампер большой хромированный с версии 3.0 и на мой взгляд решётка от камней с версии 3.0 лучше, с этой ничего не видно, ну и конечно левое зеркало поближе и немного в перёд и цены ему бы небыло

  5. well, that mod is cool, but the argosy v.3.0 is better.

    1. Johnny Rotten

      But that is 6 months old this is new.

  6. Smith121363

    Just wondering if this great mod will be updated to 1.24

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