Freightliner Argosy Reworked v2.0 for ETS2


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This is an overhaul to my old mod. Now the truck looks more like the real prototype. New interior, new exterior, new upgrade parts, new sounds, all new. The UV template is also new, so sorry about that skinmakers, i tried to retain old uv map, but too many changes were made that made it impossible.

Located in Volvo dealership.


-4 cabin variants
-Cabin physics enabled (may be minor clipping)
-New bumper variants
-New rear lights and mudguard variants
-New visor variants
-New front and side mirrors
-New tanks (fixed proportions)
-Reworked headlights, real life lightmask
-Additional interior tuning (curtains, few cups and wunder baums)
-Sound inside the cabin normalized (lowered exhaust sounds), if you don’t like it you can swap sound .sii files from the previous version
-Reworked raised roof geometry to make it more smooth
-Changed interior light hookup (light still leaks to outside of cabin, but there is nothing i could do)
-New paintjobs, bumper and roof cameras, author – Piva
-UV-map finally fixed, for real this time (i hope so)
-All engines sound update (turbo, gear shift etc)

And probably something else i forgot to mention.

It would be better to sell your old truck before installing this mod, otherwise some bad things will happen.

Rig’n’Roll authors: Softclub-NSK
Some parts were borrowed from different trucks, authors: dmitry68, stas556
Misc details used inside: don’t know/can’t remember
Sound author: odd_fellow
Interior camera: kimi112
Wheels: ventyres
Pretty much everything else was made by me (odd_fellow) and SCS.

Also big thanks to Kriechbaum for particular sound files and ideas.

Tested on version 1.22.

I am NOT gonna make UK variant just because i’m not interested, if you want to see it, please donate. Do not reupload this mod without my permission.

SCS Software, stas556, dmitry68, odd_fellow


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11 thoughts on “Freightliner Argosy Reworked v2.0 for ETS2

  1. Space Cam

    this what I called good work, big up to the moder who created this kind of transformation.

  2. Simply Amazing! Many thanks for your work!

  3. awesome but,…add some more physics,want to see that cabin rock and roll 😉

  4. but it is still old looking body,there is another argosy with the different front of the truck (oviform a bit in front),look pictures in google,and maybe some of you will make new freightliner Cascadia,it is also great truck,or you have not a want

  5. pourrais tu communiquer le titre de la music qui passe dans la premiere video merci

  6. I love this truck and always have, but i can’t use it. It crashes game every time and scrambles text as soon as i customise it. All versions don’t work for me and i have done it with mods and without mods but nothing seems to work it always scrambles text and then crashes. Any ideas?

    1. Mobius Ace

      @Big Earl, same here. The game crashes to the desktop as soon as I advance to the corresponding truck slot in the Volvo dealership. It happens in both ETS 1.22 and 1.23. Previous version of this truck (1.1) works perfectly in ETS 1.22 but also crashes with 1.23. My conclusion? This version is completely broken and doesn’t work. If you really want to use this truck you must download the old version (1.1) and use it with ETS 1.22.

      1. JoeSpud2016

        Yeah, but, we have upgraded automatically to version1.23 on Steam, we can’t go backwards!!!!

  7. Marcaraya

    Could you please make this truck for 1.23

    1. please…. 😉


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