Freightliner Classic XL Custom V2.0


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Version 2.0:

* Updated to v1.25.x for ETS2
* New parts & skins.
* 2 options interior – custom & painted.
* Added DLC Steering Creation Pack.

Solaris36, Softclub-NSK, Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, Odd_fellow, Ventyres, John Ruda, memes, John Ruda, Drive Safely, Sliipais. Skins by: Skiner, Direct Modding, Lucasi, Wadethe3rd, Pauly, Imperator3, MixaSen, TKK5050-3Chome, LucasI_, EviL, MaxaGent


9 Responses to Freightliner Classic XL Custom V2.0

  1. Donetskguerrillas says:

    This mod was stolen. Mr.German_fack wanted a video that would earn a living.
    Come on, German, dance and show their purulent videos about this truck, come on slut!

    • ETS2_driver says:

      Halt dein Maul… Russen #####

    • ETS2_driver says:

      Halt dein Maul… Schöner Lkw

    • Mr.GermanTruck says:

      Ja ja deine Mutter 😛
      Mod has Errors…
      – Sound files missing
      – Incorrect front wheel Definition
      – Invalid addon data
      – etc

      • Joe the gamer says:

        But what happened to this guy? He always comments you for nothing… I think he says things like “you’re a poor” becaus he is jealous that you have a good computer and he has an MsDOS one, because he don’t afford a better one!

  2. Kykapeka says:

    а я щаз зделаю бля, обзор ) ебать мои старые кастыли!
    Бесплатно и безвозмездно!

    Mr.German-срак – он мудак! И видио его шелушиво- трясучии . Он робит на колбасу солями с лепёшкой и гороховым супом !

    Немецкий Еврей рубит бабло дененочно и ночно-денно.

    Давайй шляпа, шлефуй дальша mrGermantruck-еврей.

    Он вовсе не немец, а русский шпиЁн, которая сидит в еврейской германии быдла…

    • Joe the gamer says:

      Another #####… You comment in russian because you don’t know how to speak english, because your family is too poor to afford you a good education…

      • Kykapeka says:

        And you stupid at all . You are able to not only speak, but write in Russian. Because your country of terrorism and insanity!
        And I’ll buy you a hundred times with your country and sell back, because you’re a moron and think how primitive the child of the child’s mind!


        Think your screen name – you’re ### got

        • Joe the gamer says:

          It was just a stupid joke, don’t take it serious

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