Freightliner Coronado Optimus Prime Stewen Edition

Freightliner-Coronado-Optimus-Prime-1 Freightliner-Coronado-Optimus-Prime-2 Freightliner-Coronado-Optimus-Prime-3

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Extract from Zip file Your mod directory, and Used according to file name Priority.

Repaired Top Glass error, smoke effect, and added 3 my engine sounds this Nice Truck and running operation without errors and warnings!!!

Searching Truck dealer “MAN”

“NOT ONLY” use “Optimus_Prime_Edit_1_SECONDARY_priority.scs” because it contains original errors. This is renamed original File version “Optimus_Prime_Edit.scs”

Authors: Team TLESgames and Stewen (Sound & Script update)


22 Responses to Freightliner Coronado Optimus Prime Stewen Edition

  1. Stewen says:

    Help Picrures:


  2. kent76 says:

    The truck is Western Star 5700 OP ,OK ? what the hell is a Freightliner Coronado? Optimus has nothing with Freightliner trucks. it’s just a base model to build the Western Star truck, can you just not be so foolish? The auther of the truck is Fabio Contier , where is his name?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Stewen says:

      Yes I do this westend Star 5700 (Not OP) “XE”.
      The secondary File Authors: Team TLESgames namely = Fabio Contier
      I am well aware. This Truck not my work not going rename westendstar.
      My work “Optimus_Prime_Edit_0_FIRST_priority.scs” this repaired error original Secondary.scs file work.

  3. marco says:

    VERSION ??????????????????????????????????????????

    • Stewen says:


      1.21 Brutal emvironment version including this 3d object and repaired :)))

  4. BanditGamingHD says:

    video 1080p 60fps —>

  5. Adrian Gabriel says:

    The sound inside the cab its to loud. Also its a bit to dark inside the cabin for my liking. Other then that, pretty good mod. Thank you !

  6. azumi66 says:

    Hi guys.I can not open, with winrar does it/ D:\Letöltések\ The archive is corrupt
    D:\Letöltések\ Checksum error in C:\Users\ISTVÁN\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod\Optimus_Prime_Edit_1_SECONDARY_priority.scs. The file is corrupt
    D:\Letöltések\ The archive is corrupt
    Please someone help !!


    Western Star 5700 OP Optimusprime Transformers Truck

    • Stewen says:

      injured Fabio Contiero work, when uploaded the file.
      Is corrected zip header damaged, and include the my brutal engine good name.
      Thank comment.

  8. Andreas71 says:

    Kann leider mit keiner Farbe aus dem Shop lackiert werden. Es werden nur die Spiegel lackiert und das in den falschen Farben. Als Beispiel: Ich lackiere blau und die Spiegel werden grün.

  9. Paulo Costa says:

    Adoro este caminhão dez de o seu inicio, parabéns. A unica dificuldade que cinto com ele é na hora de manobrar pois a calenagem da cabine é mais larga que o reboque uma boa melhoria seria uma opção de espelho mais afastada da cabine, ajudaria muito. um abraço continue com este belo trabalho.

  10. giorgos says:

    This box front do not see the road may offs;

  11. Fabian says:

    Hallo ich möchte mir diese mod herunterladen

  12. Fabio says:

    \MOD feito por Fabio Contier. ESTE Mod do Post esta errado e mal feito pelo TLES Games que rouba mod dos outros…bando de fdp.

    Mod TRF 4 final com Fabio Contier.

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