Freightliner Coronado Taglift


This Taglift only chassis

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  1. Michael says:

    a taglift lifts the rear axle, not the middle one, this is a midlift

  2. K-whopper says:

    be nice if u made it a tri axel. 3 axels with the axel closest to the cab a lift axel thats how it would be in the usa

    • TCovatti says:

      Yep, and most trucks are 6×4 so there’s no point in adding lift axles.

    • TeddyBear says:

      True but not even european trucks lift the mid axle when it has twin wheels.
      its usually single wheel even on american trucks for heav haulers.
      if if has twin wheels it most likely would not be a 6×4.

    • Theosz says:

      I agree

  3. KKKK33 says:

    hey thats not probelm u just open sil file
    and scroll down and then u see axle true ~~~~
    u change axle 0 =false axle 1 = true axle 2= false
    than midlift change to taglift

  4. By_pitbull says:

    this mod non tag(or mid)lift axel to tag(or mid) axel conversion

    sory my bad eng…..

  5. gearjammer337 says:

    can someone make a video on how to install this truck?

  6. K-whopper says:

    hi pitbull it works for me thank you. could u make a 8×4 chissis for this truck. i think that what u might call it? in the us we call it a triaxel. 3 axels behind the cab. this is already a bad azz truck but it would be a real heavy hauler with 3 axels behind cab first axel a lift axel and axel 2 and 3 stay on ground as power axels thanks think about it please

  7. By_pitbull says:

    I need 6 axle truck but .scs open(no password) ı show
    non tag-midlifted version to lifted versions 😀

  8. By_pitbull says:

    and this how to install video

  9. K-whopper says:

    hi pitbull wow that truck got alot of axels. i watched your video . i tried to make changes but no luck. must have to make a new chassis sii. thanks for you response.

    • By_pitbull says:

      no recommend to new chassis.sii 😀

      ok first add to this lines
      liftable_axle[0]: false
      liftable_axle[1]: true
      liftable_axle[2]: false

      this line 3 axle you add axle
      liftable_axle[0]: false this front wheel
      liftable_axle[1]: true
      liftable_axle[2]: true
      liftable_axle[3]: true
      liftable_axle[4]: false this your rear drive wheel
      liftable_axle[5]: true

  10. K-whopper says:

    pit bull if unable or do not want to do, i still thank you for your response.

    • By_pitbull says:

      ı so sorry ı cant read english ı from turkey.

      this truck 4 axle (2 steering wheel 2 drive wheel)

      coronado 3 axle ı cant add new axle 🙁

  11. K-whopper says:

    ok pit bull i thank you for your comment and i understand. thank again for your time. good day to you sir…

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