Freightliner FLB v1.27-1.6 FIX an MIX

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Freightliner FLB v1.3 compatible with ETS2 and ATS


– Fixed error
– Freightliner FLB v1.3.scs (Truck Freightliner FLB + 7 skins).
– Freightliner FLB v1.3 Dirty SkinPack.scs (Dirty cabin interior + 12 skins).

In mod manager, keep Freightliner FLB v1.3 Dirty Skin Pack.scs with greater priority than Freightliner FLB V1.3.scs

ETS2 Available in all dealers
ATS Available in all dealers

ME and Harven & more, no_sliipais, sliipais, Kriechbaum


10 Responses to Freightliner FLB v1.27-1.6 FIX an MIX

  1. jorgent97 says:

    Hd test….

  2. airfax says:

    Beautiful! 🙂

  3. Anders Holmgren says:

    so what should i use? this or this one Freightliner FLB v 1.3 Dirty Skins Pack 2? i love the dirty FLB by far my fav truck in ATS by far.

    • Anders Holmgren says:

      And does this one have the old skins as well?

    • The Trucker says:

      – Freightliner FLB v 1.3 only clean model
      – Freightliner FLB v1.3 Dirty SkinPack + Freightliner FLB v 1.3 dirty model.
      For dirty model in mod manager before Freightliner FLB v1.3 Dirty SkinPack then Freightliner FLB v 1.3 dirty model.

  4. Kenseth says:

    you think you can make the Ford CLT 9000!!! so it’s old or new set…

  5. Sotka_GER says:

    Thanks a lot for my great Freightliner 🙂
    In action you will find the truck here:

    Great job, love that truck in ETS2 and ATS!

    Regards from Germany!

  6. Kei says:

    please update in 1.28!!!

  7. Belaya_Roza says:

    maybe some author this awesome truck can add older 4 round front lights for this one?

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