Freightliner FLB v2.0 + DLC “National Window Flags” v1.24.x


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Version 2.0
– Completely offline
– Buying in Volvo showrooms
– DLC Support “Cabin Accessories”
– 1 cabin
– 1 variant chassis (6 x 4)
– Its interior (2 species)
– Its wheels and discs
– His Tune
– Their engines and PPC
– Painted in mitallik
Izieneniya –
Added DLC support “National Window Flags”
Add to order agencies
I replaced the camera in the cabin
rewrote chassis
I made a new manifest
Tested on version 1.24.x –

The authors of 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2: SCS Software Envelope in ETS2, patterns and textures: odd_fellow Sound Authors: odd_fellow (and a little Kriechbaum sounds) Wheels: ventyres, Vladimir1203


7 Responses to Freightliner FLB v2.0 + DLC “National Window Flags” v1.24.x

  1. sakajeejee says:

    Nice mod thank you

  2. Theosz says:

    TYVM for updating… đŸ™‚ downloading

  3. jesan says:

    Nice and thank you but I see in your vid there’s obviously a trailer hook pb with Bora’ trailers..too bad

  4. dama9114 says:

    Nice truck!

  5. BlackDiavel says:

    Hi, a little problem on texture dashboard on 1.24

  6. TommyVercetty says:

    The interior view to the outside is very,very bright!!! When is night it seems like it’s morning,and when it’s day i see all outside around me like sun invading all the view

  7. Theosz says:

    TY for enable for Quick jobs by Pendragon but I have these issues bellow

    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘front_wheel’ of unit ‘flbcustom.ftire’ (of type ‘accessory_wheel_data’).
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘front_wheel’ of unit ‘flbcustom.rtire’ (of type ‘accessory_wheel_data’).

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