Freightliner FLD 120


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Find in DAF dealer
Includes few chassis and tuning

Author: Anton Aronson


32 thoughts on “Freightliner FLD 120

  1. I think we’re all smart enough to know you(anton) didn’t do this all by yourself because this was previously released; plus I’ve never even heard of you!

    1. A High Hamster

      so true!

      onnly thing i see done with it is it works on 1.12

      1. kriechbaum

        No it’s not the same truck.

    2. AmericanFlagPeterbilt

      Sure he took the credit for this truck, but I saw some MAJOR CHANGED TO IT!

  2. kriechbaum

    Hi all, No it’s not the same as the previous one. This one seems more detailed, and have more cabin options.

    For the credits, i don’t know who’s really made it. May be really Anton 🙂


    1. kriechbaum

      He just forgot to mention me for the engine sound. This is an old sound. I’ll make an update later for this baby 😉

      See you.

      1. renaulttrucker

        nobody need your ####. nobody need you.

      2. Quattrophobia

        Thanks Kriech for making your sound mods, always the go to if I need a sound mod! renaulttrucker if you don’t like it and have nothing constructive to say just don’t simple as that

        1. @quattrophobia
          who resemble congregate. nobody need you to.Take the hand your friend and shut up.

        2. @quattro
          you loves her ### so much, but he’s so full of himself and that went to admin and complained like a baby. waaah waaah,

      3. I’ll be damned, you’re right!

  3. ExperimentalTrucker

    Thanks for the time & effort.
    I’m already using the truck in a recent video…..

  4. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. I think this is the previous Freightliner FLD 120

  5. kriechbaum

    No, this is Freightliner Classic 120.

    1. Who ask you? YOu are not the modder. pssssss! shut up!

      1. Henry you are a big ###. You dont need to speak. I can your stink from very far away sniff.The smell of ###### and smelly #### from you reach throughout Europe. You’re a sucker. Thank You! :)))

      2. @Henry you are a big ###. You dont need to speak. I can your stink from very far away sniff.The smell of ###### and smelly #### from you reach throughout Europe. You’re a sucker. Thank You! :)))

  6. David Otto

    It a great truck bro although you do have some issues with the truck itself, for one the driver side mirror is upside down, another thing i notice was the shadow is messed up as well. the last thing i noticed is that the truck is a bit touchy and really moves at the slightest turn of the wheel or steering wheel otherwise good work. If you need any help let me know


  8. Sevandres

    Only thing I really don’t like is the windows rolling down upon engine start up. Don’t like getting too wet in the rain while driving. =P Other then that, great truck!

  9. trippa1on1

    its not showing up but a scania is in daf instead dude

  10. @dr_jaymz

    very nice wheels, nice outside detail, nice sound (its from kriechbaum i think, problem with the real lights, outside shadows and very low-res interior. thanks!

  11. Skin Template? If possible, could anyone make one and send it over to me @ [email protected]? I’d be very greatful!

  12. Anybody know whats the file to delete to stop the window rolling down when starting up the truck? if its possible..

  13. donde se descarga estaaa cosa?

  14. The file in the .rar file is corrupted!

  15. Orbisonia

    I want to make a skin for this Freightliner, but can’t find a template. Does anybody have one?

  16. Cut be nice if som made this Work in 1,12

  17. gokussaiyan3

    please change to english

  18. ben bu modu cok sevdim oy,zden bu modu indirmek istiyom

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