Freightliner Inspiration Upgraded v 2.5.1

– Autonomous truck.
– Bought in the cabin – Mercedes.
– The interior.
– Skins.
– Great tuning.
– A lot of accessories in the cockpit.
– SISL Mega pack v2.5.1 (included).
– Rear camera.
– Added to materials and fixed missing icons when selecting accessories in the cockpit.
– Added missing files accessories cabin.
– Added SISL Mega pack v2.5.1
– Added Addon Freightliner classic SISL.
– Added mod on the Rear camera.
The archive 4 file (Located in the Manager order, from the top down:
1. SiSL’s Mega Pack v2.5.1.scs
2. Freightliner_Inspiration_SISL.scs
3. Freightliner_Inspiration_rear_camera.scs
4. Freightliner_Inspiration_for_ATS_dmitry68_v1_0.scs
Perfectly clean in the log!!!

Felipe Conbar, dmitry68. The author of the corrections: losevo58


4 thoughts on “Freightliner Inspiration Upgraded v 2.5.1

  1. Это переделанная версия мода:
    Freightliner Inspiration for ETS2_dmitry68 v1.0
    Какой идиот приписал версию: v 2.5.1, я без понятия.

  2. good!! Any Chance a 2017 Chrysler 300C??

  3. Brielle17

    how do I download the game?

  4. mathias rodobrasil

    Very easy to say exclusive…the first project of this truck is mine, you Conbar did the modeling over my idea, the rims are from 50keda, the tyres from GGgoulart, take it easy, your time is coming…..

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