Freightliner + Interior

Freightliner +Interior-1 Freightliner +Interior-2

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Freightliner Truck with Interior
Find in Iveco Dealer

Authors: Sanya42, Panther, Jon_ruda


11 Responses to Freightliner + Interior

  1. Tyson says:

    Video link please ?

  2. 4004 says:

    Reupload of an old version?

  3. xsandr says:


  4. WanDall says:

    Looks cool. You could make a skin pack for this truck, with traditional paints. Thanks for this well done job.

  5. JackClap says:

    It looks to be a total fake to me. I looked inside the packed scs files in this archive and it looks very suspect to me. Not a mod I would install. Deleted it here.

    As they say, garbage.

  6. Heidi says:

    truck.pmg 21/04/2013

    Another OLD RE-UPLOAD with SHAREMODS download!

  7. Sevandres says:

    While this is a reupload, yes, it’s not really that terrible, nor is it too great. It has a wonderful interior, though I wish you could sit a little further back. The wood panels seem to also reflect a little bit too much for my liking, but those are my only major gripes. You may also notice the Iveco tail pipe poking out of no where on the left side of the truck.

  8. tamas01133 says:

    Sound? please sound 😀

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