Fruehauf 2014 Trailer v 1.0

Fruehauf-2014-1 Fruehauf-2014-2 Fruehauf-2014-3

American standalone Trailer
It works in 1.21
compatible with DLC Scandinavia
Wheel standalone

Author: MiguelAngel988


6 thoughts on “Fruehauf 2014 Trailer v 1.0

  1. hello
    sorry error wheel

  2. Please Fix the shadows its too bright please fix those problems

  3. Nice 70-80’s trailer but isn’t it a bit short, even for 40 ft (12,20 m) ?
    Actually more the export (to Turkey – Ulusoy, Türksped trans…) version due to the landing gear position.
    Btw I think Fruehauf USA is out of business now.

    1. Faelandaea

      They are indeed gone now from here, but apparently last year there were still a few models about. I cannot find anything on this mod’s trailer at all on the web, but I did see a 2014 Fruehof city liner for sale in NY …

      I also did an image search and apparently in the USA, Fruehof specialized exclusively in city liners, which explains why it is so shot. It appears that only in other countries did they ever make a full length trailer.

      Personally I like this one for having in my city liner fleet, so I am snagging it. I already have textures set aside to correct the shadows and Blender ready to correct the wheels for myself 🙂

      1. Thanks for the link but haha NY doesn’t stand for New York for sure !
        This trailer is not only typically euro but the one in the background too.
        Location is in Sweden at the seller’s premises and I think NY means new year

      2. Redneck50

        Fruehauf made all kinds of trailers, from dryvans, reefers, livestock trailers and even tankers.

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