Fruehauf Iceliner v 2.1

Trailer: Fruehauf Iceliner
Manufactor: Fruehuaf/Otokar
Country: Turkey
-High quality 3D model of Fruehuaf Iceliner
-AO baked textures
-All bugs fixed
-All def’s are redone so trailer is made completely standalone with new Turkish cargo’s
-You are able to chose your skin for every cargo
-Including working reflectors on trailers sides and back
-All skin variants are presented in AI Traffic and the trailers have wheels in AI Traffic
-Reworked of all the Turkish company skins and license plates
-Flay Lojistik
-Köksal Nakliyat
-Egemen Nakliyat
-Serhat Arar
-Ariç Lojistik
-Lider Gida
-De Goede Logistics
-Niksarlı Trans
-Including Manifest
-1.27x Tested
-Realistics cargo’s

Changelog V2.1
-Added advanced coupling collisions
-Added liftable axle
-PMG models updated to 1.27 version
-Fixed shadow problem

For feedback, mod requests, and questions:
Mail: [email protected]
And of course via Steam: Elitesquad Modz [MDG]
My work is under Creative Commons Licence
Alteration is permitted distribution is permitted with indication of
The author(s) and the original link to Sharemods.

Niksarlı and Elitesquad Modz


6 thoughts on “Fruehauf Iceliner v 2.1

  1. thanks for updating this nice trailer.
    you missed only one thing.
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘front_wheel’ of unit ‘saf_wheel.rwheel’ (of type ‘accessory_wheel_data’)

    not a big issue, i know.

    and without this speed and TIR sign at the back, i would like it much more. 😉

    but not really important, thanks again.

    1. Elitesquad Modz

      Hi Rudi,
      That is just an warning, not an error!
      I don’t know why that appears.
      The TIR sign and speed limit indicators are really part of the original Trailer.

      Enjoy the trailer mod!

  2. THe_J0KeR

    Link Mod Graphics ?

    1. Elitesquad Modz

      Hi THe_J0KeR,
      I used a graphic mod by SGate here.

      1. THe_J0KeR

        Thanks and Nice Trailer MoD 🙂

  3. for the wheel warning. you must delete in def -> vehicle -> t-wheel
    —>> front_wheel: false

    if i remember right. 🙂

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