Fusca 66 ETS2 1.26X BETA

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Fusca year 66 Brazilian beta
Works on version 1.26x test on other versions
Accompanies with the 2 trailer mod to be using along with the mod
You can buy at any dealership of the game

Converted to ETS2 by the ETSX group By Frank Brasil

By Frank Brasil
trailers by: kirill73rus and HDTruck Team



14 thoughts on “Fusca 66 ETS2 1.26X BETA

  1. Video Test youtube.com/channel/UCa47XPwFlfbAzxOuVqxJiXA

  2. RayenGaming

    nice 😀

  3. Hello, any test video? The model looks good.

    Is it standalone and/or compatible with other cars like the Scout?

  4. GRMModding

    trailers by: kirill73rus and HDTruck Team

  5. Can you make the real interior of VW, please? That’s from Packard Standard Eight.

  6. HD Video Test 1.26 youtube.com/watch?v=mZWDOAovnk0

  7. Mercohaulic

    nice mod but I am not getting any sound…

  8. Very nice mod. With a little more work, you could have the first real VW Beetle for the game. Thanks!

  9. I need Herbie skin and 1960’s bodywork

    1. Please

  10. Hi, Thank for the car

    I love this car, I hope you will continue to the improved in the future.

    It is a conduct that brings it closer to a truck in the calm sense of the term.

    I go on vacation with, it changes trucks from time to time.

    For me the stuff has improved putting a 3rd original interior cockpit, The speedometer illumination and the underside of the 3d car or texture bump + Fixed the third set of reversing lights on the trailer coupling.

    The possibility of putting persons in the car, for to go on holiday is better with people 😉

  11. Minecrafter

    I Like This German Car!

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