Game overhaul 0.5


It’s various game improvements.
Author: Eggtooth


14 Responses to Game overhaul 0.5

  1. HItmanhornster says:

    Please tell us what the improvement are??

  2. Richard says:

    List of game changes:
    – Ai uses now Tuning Kits made by me
    – More Ai on roads made by Memphic
    – Ai uses low and medium cabins made by me
    – New trucks available to buy at dealer: Mercedes Axor made by Danz, and Mercedes Actros MPIV made also by Danz.
    – Mercedes Axor is available at quick jobs
    – Mercedes Axor is available as Ai car made by me
    – Medium and Low roof interiors made by szeryff123.
    – Fixed Volvo tachometer by szeryff123
    – DAF XF fix for missing cables and stuff on chassis (was only a texture). Made by szeryff123 (Many thanks bro! You rock!)
    – Some other tweaks and improvements made by me
    – New Soundtrack (look below for song list)

  3. derconair says:

    NICE NICE 1A thx

  4. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Hmmm.. Nice mod, but… Some credits are not told,
    so don’t start trippin on me next time,



  5. Mads says:


  6. nick says:

    any mod that increases a lot road traffic plese?

  7. Fan says:

    its made my game stop working !

  8. Johan Wiqvist says:

    I have used this mod since the first version and they have all worked well for me with no problems. And why it not works for some can depend on many things, other mods, the computer set up and other stuff.

  9. YAROSLAVEC says:

    And you can only do the interiors for small and medium-cabs? Please))

  10. jeusus says:

    I installed 1.2.5 version, but it want code. what is the problem?
    please help me. tnx

  11. Justin says:

    The indicators are showing missing textures (red boxes) on British side of Volvo’s Day Sleeper cab (the smallest one). Is this my problem or what? Thanks.

  12. KingKaulitz says:

    Does this work for 1.3.1? And do all trucks get the lower interiors or is it just some brands? Thanks

  13. gunther says:

    hello can i take out the mercedes axor because when i buy teh mercedes axor the game crash

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