Garage Custom Itella


Only for large garage
Tested version
Credits: SCS Software, pete379jp
Skin: Fred_be


6 thoughts on “Garage Custom Itella

  1. Thank you Fred-b. May I ask if you could do Garages for Bring and Waberers. I am trying to get a selection for your excellent Tandem mods. Thank you for all the mods you have done to date.

  2. Ok Paul 😉

  3. Hey Fred !

    Can you make a skin to the large garage ?

    I really appreciate if you make it
    Im sorry, I don’t have any photos of the garage but use of those logos and colors.

    I really appreciate if you make it
    I’m sorry for my bad english 🙂

    1. Kukkonen perkele onkos sulla jotain hyviä suomalaisia ets2 modeja esitellä? Niitä on meinaa aika harvassa…

      1. Ei oo ollenkaa omia modeja, enkä tiiä oikee mitää suomalaisii muitakaa.

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