Garage Custom Polar Industries


Only for large parking
Tested Version
Credits: SCS Software, pete379jp
Skin: Fred_be


6 thoughts on “Garage Custom Polar Industries

  1. Hy
    Garage KLINTRA B.V. Please..

  2. kentrucks

    hey fred thank you for the custom garage and i appreciate your effort to make it for me really thank you !!! greetings kentrucks .


  4. Shogoon84

    How can I Change the Signs for my own company?

  5. Ragebayne

    I’m looking for a modder to make me some skins my company is polar industries I would pay if needed is company skin I found

    Details for design I like dark blue truck or,white truck I use scania r scs model with mods ofc it has v8 engine and company specialises in heavy hauling / oversized cargo we are based in Cardiff we pride ourself on perfect delivery that’s on time all the time the company will be world wide as in tsm included i am trying to give basic idea so skinners know the company I’d also love a company logo if possible for any or all info on skin wanted my steam I’d is ragebayne I play a lot add me if you need details

    Items wanted

    2 skins for scania r truck one blue and white , one White and black
    Company logo
    Skin must be detailed with company info I use a light box so I don’t need sign
    Fake number on truck door for company would be awesome

    If you have the skills I require please contact me with a deal

    Thanks for garage hehe as your orignal maker thought I’d copy here also in hopes you would read

  6. Can u make VP express of hugh rowland ice road truckers?

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