Gartner KG Combo Pack v 5.0

This combo pack includes the Gartner KG Profiliner Trailer (it’s standalone) and the Garner KG skin for the Ingame DAF XF.

This version update fixes the bug on the trailer from the previous version.

The truck skin works in the ingame DAF XF 105, and fits better in the Super Space Cab.

SilvaTrucker, SCS


6 thoughts on “Gartner KG Combo Pack v 5.0

  1. plinius97

    For Scania rjl it’s possible? Thank you

    1. SilvaTrucker

      I think Gartner KG doesn’t have Scanias on their fleet..

      1. Yes. Gartner KG has only MAN trucks and MERCEDES trucks.

  2. SilvaTrucker

    Before someone asks why the images of this mod are the same from the previous version, the answer is simple: Tthe mod looks exactly the same as on the previous version, but now it works without bugs. So, it wouldn’t worth to be taking another pictures for this new version of the mod, if it visually haven’t changed.

  3. doexpectnothing

    Very nice! πŸ˜€
    I’ve seen some new Mercedes Benz Actros MPIV from this Company. Looks like the changed from DAF and MAN to Mercedes.

  4. SilvaTrucker

    Thanks! πŸ˜‰
    Yes, it’s true, now they have new Mercedes, but I think that they still use the DAF’s and MAN’s πŸ˜‰

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