Momos Physics v 4.2.4

Version 4.2.4:
– Improved driver seat movement.
– Now the steering sensitivity is recommended at 75%.
Non lineraity still remains 100%. It’s totally up to you.
– Slightly firmer cabin roll and pitch.
“This mod is the most realistic physic mod I’ve ever tried. The way how the cabin moves when I’m driving over diffrent kind of roads, inside and outside and in combination with the pneumatic seat. And it works with SCS trucks as well as with modded trucks. A promo video which shows you a new mod and teaches you some usefull things about driving at the same time.
Isn’t that great? So, for all the wannabe truckers out there, watch this video.
Maybe you can learn something” — HurricanMC

– Realistic, agressive, firm & heavy cabin behavior
– Realistic, soft suspension
– Realistic, soft, firm seat air suspension
– Realistic, agressive, firm & heavy cabin roll
– Greatly improved maneuverability of 8×4, 6×4, 6×2, 6×2/4,.
– TOP priority in the mod manager. (Required)
– In the game option menu, enable “Physics Camera” and slide its bar to the maximum. (Required)
– In the game option menu, set the trailer stability to zero. (Recommended)
– Steering non linearity is recommended at 100% (up to you)
– Steering sensitivity is recommended at 75% (up to you)
– Game patch 1.27 fully compatible.
– NOT compatible with any other physics mod.
– NOT compatible with my “Driver Seat” mod. (The feature already included)
– Partially compatible with modded trucks that change the chassis parameters.
– All original SCS trucks fully compatible.



3 thoughts on “Momos Physics v 4.2.4

  1. Wrong folder in the zip file. Wont work.

  2. На Volvo VNL 670 будет работать?

  3. bogdan_sky

    how to install this mod , there is no scs file

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