GAS 3307-3308 (beta) v3


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– Independent
– Buying in showrooms IVECO
– One cabin
– One Chassis
– Its interior
– Its sounds
– DLC Support
– Its wheels and tires
– Painting
– There tuning
– Has your trailer

Test on versions 1.25.х –

Author: Sergey Vinogradov

DOWNLOAD 169 MB [Mirror]

7 thoughts on “GAS 3307-3308 (beta) v3

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. Simweed77

    Wieviel PS hat das Teil ?

  3. The Evil Gregor

    (Facepalm) Excuse me, but there must be “Z”, not “S”. Rename please.
    P.S. Already my Favorite Truck for a long time. Mod should be great, I hope so.

  4. Where+are+the+trailers

  5. GamerLionfish

    I can’t find it in Iveco for some reason.

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