Gas must flow! Mod Helper


I spent 2 week to complete this Steam achivment, but I can’t get last truck stop for complete.
Then I make this mod to help you complete Steam achivement “Gas must flow!”.

This mod keep left only cargos for ECO truck stops.

WARNING. After activate this mod in mod manager you will jump to your safe place, so if you have noncompleterd job, finish it before mod activate.
Many errors will occur when you start game with this mod. Don’t warry – this messages is about jobs from your savegame where now is not available.
You need to sleep for cargo list is updated.
After remove this mod, you need to sleep too for cargo update.

Best way – begin new profile with DCL France.



2 thoughts on “Gas must flow! Mod Helper

  1. if it works i am gonna be so happy,
    thx in beforehand.

  2. Joshua Peterson

    This mod did help but the problem is that it keeps on downloading in a repeat cycle. So I hope you fix soon.

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