German Speed Warning Sound

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I did a little speed warning sound mod.
Overwrite it to your Navigation mod.
Now you have german shouting “ACHTUNG GEFAHRENSTELLE” as speed warning sound.



6 Responses to German Speed Warning Sound

  1. DAF Trucker GER says:

    Nicht Real.
    Not real.

    • Mc2rok says:

      When you drive not too fast youre hear that warning not often. Not often but when you hear it theres an event coming most Time when you set events at full. So its like in real life. I dont understand why you hate it. When you have it as Radio file its very annoying.

      • wegger says:

        It’s the firefighters and traffic controllers who send these warnings that you can to listen on the CB.

      • DAF Trucker GER says:

        The signal comes from the transmitter on construction sites

        • mc2rok says:

          i have construction sites very often.
          but i drive too fast not so often.
          so coincedentely the speed warning will be played correctly.
          if you know what i mean.
          when i have it as radiofile it will be played everytime thats annoying.
          i think my mod makes the game lightly more realistic.
          cause i saw dashcam videos of real truckers. it gets played
          like with my mod.
          but when you can mod it as real construction warning then gogogo

  2. wegger says:

    Yeah, it’s the function CB Radio.

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