Gigaliner Trailer


Gigaliner Trailer with Container

Authors: Ariouw, Carlos Ernesto


8 thoughts on “Gigaliner Trailer

  1. fereero.xd

    does this mean it double trailer mod ??!!! or just aloonge tandem mod sorry for bad english

  2. To bad it doesent turn between the two trailers….otherwise a very nice mod 🙂

  3. snake20082

    were getting ever soo… close 🙂

    1. Close? Not even on the same side of the ocean.
      There is no way this or anything like it can work yet as SCS have no code to articulate the second trailer.
      Which is kind of ######, as they had the code needed in an old game many years ago.

  4. Benny Bugge

    what does it Replace?

  5. Creat a one for the Kenworth Long.Please. (no police)

  6. What trailer does it replace?

  7. trailer not turning,do something scs

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