Tyres GOOD YEAR for all trucks



5 Responses to GOOD YEAR tyres

  1. Falkon says:

    Same for MICHELIN ??? 😉

  2. AlexCrazy says:

    it’s only part of Real Tires mod by Galimim –
    no anything changed

  3. FatLizard says:

    I’ve tried this mod and even if it’s almost the same of Galimin’s one I’ve found the GY Marathon LHS II just a little bit ( really nice for me) different … the logo and the circle line in white that I like really too much 🙂 … so … thanks to Stewowe.

    But there is also an issue, at least on my pc, with this mod … when I try to change the tyres with a 295 model … my game crashes … I have no others tyres or wheels mod installed. Could you please check it ?

    Anyway for me is good with the tyres I’ve choosen and no errors in the log file… so … thanks again ! 🙂

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