GPS RG PRO RED 7,0 Promods FIX

This mod is just an add-on to mod.
Sam will not work properly, you must have one of the modifications
GPS RG PRO RED …… (those who have already left or will come out soon)

GPS RG PRO 7.0 Promods FIX fixes main navigation data for Promods v2.52
When installing, please remember GPS RG PRO 7.0 (color) Promods FIX
one place higher than the selected main navigation

Mod tested on version s
– hud bar at the bottom of the screen (HD)
– new icons on the map
– changes the appearance of the road advisor
– changes colors on mapi
– the speed limiter has changed position
– smaller size of the mirror on the F2 key

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Do not resend to other servers,
Do not use my modifications in other works without my permission


DOWNLOAD 39 KB [mirror]

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2 thoughts on “GPS RG PRO RED 7,0 Promods FIX

  1. pug106maxi

    Good job! Is there any chance to make the hud bar at the top of the screen?

  2. mariankot

    there is such an option only unpublished but it will be

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