GPS Zoom Level Mod Version 2 ETS2 1.26x

This Mod further improves the visibility range for your GPS-Navigationsystem

It changes following modes:

Close GPS 3D Map
340% more visible Road Than Original
Far GPS 3D Map
91% more visible Road than Original
Close GPS Mini Map (flat)
33% more visible Road than Original
Far GPS Mini Map (flat)
55% less visible Road than Original



4 thoughts on “GPS Zoom Level Mod Version 2 ETS2 1.26x

  1. yet again, a screenshot comparison with the original would be nice

  2. How can i change the zoom of the integrated gps?

    1. your options:
      1)press the key shown on the GPS screen; or
      1+2)use this mod

  3. 1.28?

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