HDR Real Graphics Mod VR ETS2 1.26 Version 3(Pro Mods Fix)

Hello Guys,

This is my third Version of the mod which bases on the second one. There seems to be a problem with the lightning especially when using ProMods. The day and night lightning setting was reversed. This problem only appeared when i tried to use ProMods. So I had to exchange a few values. The result it looks right in the night and day for ProMods.

Sorry for my bad english

Use this Version when you are using ProMods

How to install:

1. Download Mod from link
2. Copy Modfile to ETS2 Modfolder
3. Activate it and give it a higher priority than ProMods and above other Weather Mods.
4. Enjoy



3 thoughts on “HDR Real Graphics Mod VR ETS2 1.26 Version 3(Pro Mods Fix)

  1. Excelente espero tambien puedan hacer uno para el American Truck Simulator. 🙂

  2. Thanks!

  3. estalingomez007

    Hi, does it work for v1.25 ??

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