Grain Tipper

Grain-Tipper-1 Grain-Tipper-2

Replaces Aerodynamic trailer
Fully skinnable
PMG open so feel free to edit the trailer

Authors: SCS, AW 3D Mods


7 thoughts on “Grain Tipper

  1. Jeroen Verstraten


    1. Ik denk dat het Promods 1.90 is, aangezien je op de 2e foto een bedrijf van iglo ziet en ik die alleen nog maar in de Promods map heb gezien.

  2. @dr_jaymz

    looks nice. thanks!

  3. his is necessary to make a standalone

  4. what map is this? 🙂

  5. Gary Senker

    Great work. Would you please make a stand-alone version for the community? Many would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Does it work on 1.16.x ?

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