Graphics improvements v.6.0


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Version: 1.11.x (test in another version)
From File Size: 313.6 MB

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5 thoughts on “Graphics improvements v.6.0

  1. i don’t use sweet fx, i like road and flare on your mod

  2. Why do u use yellow lines for the highway?

  3. Leandro Silva

    yellow lines have muintas here in Brazil, so I left as yellow and white symbols for anyone to stay out … love the countries outside of Brazil and also my love, I hope you enjoy my mod because it was done with affection muinto thank !!!

  4. if i drive then whether is too dark outside and please add more daytime in hours

  5. willy1962

    do you need sweet FX for good results ?
    can you more info how to install sweet FX ?
    in english please .
    and if I`m correct is sweet FX also for 64 bit ?

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