Greatest Traffic Mod v 15 by adi2003de ( Updated )

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Original Description:
The further development on my trafficmod…

it is only updated to Patch 1.30
I take out for the first time the innovate but failed idea for the truck and busses don´t drive on the fast lane on Highway´s … i will develop it further and hopefully can present you in a next version a better solution about it …

For this time only the Traffic will be more than the original traffic

Rush Hours included from 6 to 9 am and 18 to 20 PM.
Complete Traffic respawn at 3 o´clock

It is comatible with all Trafficmods. you have only to set this mode above the other trafficmods in the Modmanager.

Update: I was lost in space … and forget a little bit elemantary Datas in files … So the traffic was not the Thing about a ” Greatest ” Trafficmod ….

So now it is updated completly …

New Calculating of every Car Type in every Region for every single Ingame Hour ….

This will mean… every Car, truck, bus, police car .. get a new Spawnrate for every City, Urban region , Local Road, Motorway for every single Hour !

Now i wish you very fun .. and merry Christmas 🙂



4 thoughts on “Greatest Traffic Mod v 15 by adi2003de ( Updated )

  1. Cross Line Crowded But You Line Empty All Traffic Mods Problem İts Not A Meaning.

    1. adi2003de

      Yes you are right but this is a SCS Traffic engine problem we don´t can get there to programming it …This is hard Stuff and only SCS Software can repair this Problem.

      But i hope you have allways fun with this mod 🙂

  2. Adi ich liebe deine mods. Kenne dich noch von Guns and Drivers mit deinem 2 GB Verkehrsmod :-D. Is immer noch hammer die mod!

    LG Marcel

    1. adi2003de

      Naja er hatte sogar mal 6 GB … aber kann ja hier jeder selbst die mods von jazzycat runterladen .. brauch ich mich ja nicht mehr drum kümmern.. sondern nur um das was wirklich wichtig ist 🙂

      Danke für deinen Support 🙂

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