Greatest Traffic Mod v 16 by adi2003de (Update)

The further development on my trafficmod…

Whats new:
Police Traffic fixed! i found the last fail on the scripts and repaired them

What about else :

This mod changed the complete standard Traffic.

All Cars and Truck get adjusts of power and Speed.
So it change completly the Traffic… on Hills there are no more sleeper . the accleration will be better …

All of this i changed the Traffic_Data up to 256 Cars .. So you get more Traffic.

Rush Hours included from 6 to 9 am and 18 to 20 PM.
Complete Traffic respawn at 3 o´clock

It is comatible with all Trafficmods. you have only to set this mode above the other trafficmods in the Modmanager



12 Responses to Greatest Traffic Mod v 16 by adi2003de (Update)

  1. Thanasis says:

    sometime the trucks were stuck in crashing with others!!

    • adi2003de says:

      Thats a problem by SCS Software .. i can´t change it .. with standard you don´t see this fail .. because there are to less traffic … 🙂

  2. Thanasis says:

    i believe that the traffic in some occasions is to much ,driving in a road out of highway at 3 am in the morning and i have 50 trucks and 30 cars in front of me ?

    • adi2003de says:

      at 3 o´clock you can´t have any traffic .. there is respawn time ! 🙂

  3. malcolm says:

    Hi again, tried this new update and going from Folkestone to a job in Dover encountered 16, yes 16 police cars, the only traffic mods i have are jazzycats and he says that too many police cars are down to other traffic mods of which apart from yours there are none. Therefore regrettably i am giving up on finding a solution to this issue, many thanks for your endeavours, carry on the good work for others, Malc.

    • adi2003de says:

      Do you have set my mod above jazzycats ? Thats very important!

  4. baxx says:

    This modification is unrealistic and quite bad. In the middle of the night there are too many cars, not only on the motorways. At three o’clock at night I was in traffic (?) – I have the latest versions of the game.

    • adi2003de says:

      there can´t be traffic at three o´clock it is respawn time .. so look about your mods .. 🙂 AND READ THE DESCRIPTION !

      • baxx says:

        I only have modifications – jazzycats for A.I. traffic, promods and poland rebuilding. Anyway, there are many cars at night. And so, I have the modifications set above Jazzycats. So what is the problem?

        • adi2003de says:

          I don´t know where is the problem .. if i play … there is at night 90% less traffic as on day. that what i´ve adjusted in the spawnrules ..
          … If you think in the night isn´t traffic, you are extremly false … so in real the night isn´t silent on road 😉

          I think you have a false meaning about. thats all ..

          And sure .. not every day on game is the same day ! proof it ! 😉

  5. klau99 says:


  6. truckernirnoy says:

    @adi2003de. your mod is awesome. but please update it with proper time table. at morning 8 a.m to 8 p.m there is only cars buses others this is rush hour and 9 p.m to 7 a.m only trucks and few buses. this is not rush hour. please update it.

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