Greece Extended – Promods Add-on v1.0 1.48.5

– All Greece Region straight to Athens and Southern Greece Cities (Kalamata, Sparti, and Tripoli)
– One City in Northern Greece (Drama)
– Crete Island

1. Athens
2. Kalamata
3. Patras
4. Tripoli
5. Drama
6. Larisa
7. Lamia
8. Volos
9. Preveza
10. Heraklion / Iraklio
11. Chania
12. Plakias
13. Sparti
14. Trikala
15. Kozani

– This mod consists of extracted TSM Map Greece part (Southern part of the country), Crete Island, and Drama
– Tested with ETS 2 1.48.5
– Tested with both Promods 2.67 and Promods 2.66
– All signs in this map are using Promods Greece signs
– Not Compatible with Mediterranean Expansion mod
– When SCS released the Greece DLC, This mod will be integrated to the DLC (some cities will be added to that Greece DLC)

This mods also works as a complementary mod for Petar317 Promods – West Balkans Merge

– Promods 2.66 OR Promods 2.67



3 thoughts on “Greece Extended – Promods Add-on v1.0 1.48.5

  1. There are still a lot of errors such as missing buildings or buildings that are somewhere without hiding them and missing textures on the signs

  2. where can I download normally, the download button does not appear for me, I am registered on the download page

  3. just downloaded, do not see any issues, stable as always

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